We offer:

  • Certified auditor services

  • Annual reports and auditor services in financial actions of business

  • Consultations on financial accounting, taxes and business matters

  • Business evaluation, expert evaluation on debt capitalization

  • Full cycle of financial accounting services

  • Administration accounting services

  • Due diligence of enterprises

Our business principles when working with clients


We do annual reports revision in compliance with International Accounting Standard that states that annual reports must disclose a true and clear view about enterprise's means, bonds, financial situation, profit or loss.

In result of our work we provide Independent Auditor’s opinion whether the enterprise’s annual report in detail discloses the true review about the financial situation in compliance with International Accounting Standard and the “Law of Annual Report” of the Republic of Latvia.

We evaluate enterprises internal monitoring procedures and book keeping system compliance with LR laws and regulation and International Accounting Standard, we inform about discovered shortcomings that could have an integral impact on annual financial reports.

We evaluate internal monitoring system, including book keeping methods and used principles compliance, comment on their effectiveness and suitableness, and inform on possible alternative solutions. We offer consultations and advice on accounting procedures that are related to internal monitoring.

Revision that are based on risk and business process orientated approach allows to assess main - internal and external- risks the enterprise may encounter. Focusing on these risks, our revision strategy and planning stages provide us with the ability to identify main business processes. This assessment and understanding about required management monitoring to minimize these risks allows us to plan an effective revision performance.

We work in accordance with "dialogue" principle; we are “with” and “for” the client, we hear out the client's situation, we delve into it and within the framework of laws and regulations try to find the best solution. Within the agreement we work with the client throughout the year, concentrating not only on the concluding stage of the work with already prepared report. For each client we provide an individual approach and individual service.

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